About Us

nouDyne, an unpopulated woman-owned small business joint venture, is proud to combine the expertise and experiences of two stellar companies, nou Systems and Dynetics, to support test range modernization. nou Systems has extensive range radar, optics, and telemetry software development experience and Dynetics is known for its radar analysis and hardware development expertise. When combined, nouDyne will offer an affordable, incremental, and scalable solution for making range modernization efficient and cost effective

Our focus is on the design and development of sensors and systems using Open System Architectures that are flexible, scalable, modular, and reusable and can be deployed to a variety of ranges for a wide range of applications.

nouDyne was formed under the U.S. Small Business Administration's All Small Mentor-Protégé Program. We are able to seek contracts that are set-aside for small businesses and women-owned small businesses.

Our Partners

nou Systems

nou Systems is a woman-owned small business with expertise in systems engineering, modeling and simulation, real-time open systems development, testing, and system assessment. Since its founding in 2012, nou Systems has built a reputation for excellence in innovative engineering, prototype development, and technical and professional services in multiple markets, including missile defense, cybersecurity, test range modernization, and space control. They deliver state-of-the-art product concepts and designs, create prototypes, and build solutions through the integration of the team's diverse capabilities.


Dynetics provides responsive, cost-effective engineering, scientific and IT solutions to the national security, cybersecurity, space and critical infrastructure sectors. The portfolio features highly specialized technical services and a range of software and hardware products, including components, subsystems and complex end-to-end systems. They have ten locations across the United States.

What We Do

nouDyne is proud to combine the expertise and experiences of two stellar companies, nouSystems and Dynetics, in order to modify test ranges and aging radar systems.

We look at all of the components of a radar and the test range. Our solution will allow for modernization at an affordable price. Take a look at our hardware and software solutions.

OASIS Small Business Prime Contractor:


Our Capabilities

Radar Signal Processing

  • Range-Doppler Imaging
  • Array Signal Processing
  • High-Fidelity Simulation
  • Performance Critical Computing

Sensor Development

  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Real-Time Computing
  • Domestic and intelligence data collection and analysis
  • COTS and Custom software and hardware solutions

Radar Systems Development using Real-Time Open Systems Architecture (ROSA II)

  • Common, open sensor infrastructure enables a wide variety of DoD future capabilities
  • Allows for a diverse set of computing platforms, adaptable and reusable modules and net-centric operations across many different applications

Radar Cross Section Modeling and Simulation for Sensors and Range Control Systems

  • Concurrent Test and Operations
  • Short timeline between bench testing and real-time component testing
  • Provides fixed, multi-face and slewing models
  • Data analysis and assessments
  • Accepts many data sources and formats

Radar Development and Modernization

  • Hardware and software upgrades with reusable components
  • Easy to integrate
  • Functionality is isolated for well-defined interfaces


Kristina Hendrix

Corporate Communications Director
(256) 713-5453

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